Optimize your Cloud With Azure Networking

Here are the materials from our online session dedicated to Azure networking new features! In it, we cover exciting new features like Azure Front Door, Azure Virtual WAN, and many more.

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Azure Front Door

Azure Firewall (previously demoed here)


Reference materials:

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Azure Migrate Overview

Please find here the materials from our online session dedicated to datacenter migrations to Azure called: “The secrets behind a well-orchestrated migration to Azure”. In this session we discuss the migration to Azure with Azure Migrate and Azure Site Recovery.

You can replay the session on-demand:

You can view the slides:

You can find the reference materials from this session:

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Improve your application security and compliance with Azure

Please find below materials from our online session for 29th August 2018 10am Singapore time!

Microsoft Azure enables you to meet the compliance requirements for data confidentiality, while ensuring data integrity and availability at all times. Tune in to this webinar to find out more about the available security technologies for your application and learn more about the security tools to help you meet the data compliance and protection requirements for your organization.

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Registration: https://info.microsoft.com/AP-AzureINFRA-WBNR-FY19-08Aug-29-securityandcompliancewithAzure-MCW0008428_01Registration-ForminBody.html 



Azure Privacy and Compliance

Azure Firewall

Azure Security Center


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Microsoft Azure for SAP Solutions – August 2018 Update

žAs many of our customers are adopting Microsoft Azure to running their most critical workloads, SAP and SAP HANA are naturally at the center of many conversations.

In this session, Cameron Gardiner, principal program manager in the SAP on Azure team, and myself cover the latest status update about technologies available in Azure to run your SAP environments.

žThis session assumes that you have a prior knowledge of SAP on Azure and cover the following topics: ž

  • Latest compute offerings available in APAC region
  • Latest announcements and innovation release
  • žCertification status for HANA
  • Running HEC on Azure
  • Building SAP disaster recovery with Azure
  • Support and certifications for SAP on Azure Stack and Hyper-V

The link to register to the online session: https://info.microsoft.com/AP-AzureINFRA-WBNR-FY19-07Jul-31-SAPHANAonAzure-MCW0008140_01Registration-ForminBody.html

The slides of the session:

Some additional links to document our session:

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Azure Infrastructure Fundamentals Webinars – part 2

In this article we continue to review our online sessions covering Azure Infrastructure fundamentals that went live couple of weeks ago. Please find below the links to the sessions, the slides, demos and step by steps guides to reproduce the demos!


Session 3: Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Azure Site Recovery and Backup are two features that allow you to easily build Disaster Recovery and Backup plans. In this session, we will review the different options that are available to build a DRP that you can rely on.

Session on demand: https://info.microsoft.com/AP-AzureINFRA-WBNR-FY18-03Mar-28-AzureSiteRecoveryAzureBackup-MCW0004394_02OnDemandRegistration-ForminBody.html


1. Backup

2. Disaster recovery

Demos references:


Session 4: Azure Compliance and security

The security and compliance session review the fundamentals of Azure security in both technical and non-technical terms. After a review of certification against the best in class policies and procedures, we will spend some time reviewing the technologies that customers can leverage to deploy solutions.

Session on demand: https://info.microsoft.com/AP-AzureINFRA-WBNR-FY18-03Mar-07-AzureSecurityandCompliance-MCW0004574_01Registration-ForminBody.html


1. Azure Security Center

2. Azure Key Vault

Demo references:

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