Azure Sentinel – on the fast track

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft cloud-native SIEM and SOAR. Say goodbye to 6 months SIEM solution setup and architecture – get started with visibility on you environement just now, and use the rich ecosystem of connectors to extend intelligence to your complete security suite.

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Onboarding Sentinel and dahsboards exploration

Security Investigations with Azure Sentinel

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Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Azure DDoS Protection Standard is a service that enables AI-based protection of your cloud applications. Below is the list of resources of our webinar aired on 19th September 2019.

As a quick reminder, below is the set of network protections in front of your Azure instances. DDoS protection exists in a free tier which is present by default on all resources you publish using a public IP address. In this session we discuss about the addition of the “Standard” edition of the Azure DDos protection.


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Getting Started with Azure Network Monitoring

Getting knowledge and control on the network aspects of cloud is vital. In this post, lets recap the different options available for you in Microsoft Azure.

This is a webinar that we had on March 21, which is now available on demand here:  



Overview of network monitoring solutions:

Monitoring VM

Virtual machine network bandwidth:

Azure Monitor for Networking

Analysis of network connection data with Azure Monitor for virtual machines: 

Azure Connection Monitor

Monitor network communication:

Azure Packet Capture

Manage packet captures with Azure Network Watcher:

Azure NSG Flow Logs

Reading NSG flow logs:

Azure Traffic Analytics

Introduction to Traffic Analytics: 

Azure Virtual Network Tap

Virtual network TAP:

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Azure Governance in the real world

In this session, we review the fundamentals behind a well managed Azure environment: Azure Management Groups, Azure Policy and Blueprints.



Download the slides here

Demo 1: Architecture Center, Service Trust Portal


Demo 2: Azure Management Groups & Azure Policy


Demo 3: Create custom policies with Terraform


Demo 4: Azure Blueprints



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Optimize your Cloud With Azure Networking

Here are the materials from our online session dedicated to Azure networking new features! In it, we cover exciting new features like Azure Front Door, Azure Virtual WAN, and many more.

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Azure Front Door

Azure Firewall


Reference materials:

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