Introduction to Terraform on Azure

As much as we love ARM templates and Json syntax for deploying resources on Azure, Terraform is another great way to accelerate and standardize your deployments. In this post, are the materials we use for the online webinar, available on demand here:


Reference Links:

Tips to get started with Visual Studio Code:

Install the Terraform extension, you may notice that the 0.12 type of syntax is not recognized by default as its still under development. You can enable preview version running Terraform: Enable/Disable Language Server in the palette.

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework in Terraform samples:

If you want to kick-start your Azure deployment based on Cloud Adoption Framework Landing Zones, here are some Terraform examples of it (more webinars on this coming soon):

Have fun with this!


Demo 1: Getting started with your environment

Demo 2: First deployment

Demo 3: States and outputs

Demo 4: Modules

As usual, feel free to send your feedbacks.


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